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Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in building healthy communities by providing critical services that contribute to economic stability and mobility. They also strengthen communities in other important ways. Frequently, nonprofit leaders are the voice of the people they serve, in this case, Smalltimore Homes advocates for those who are experiencing homelessness here in Baltimore.

Micro Shelter Assembly - June 16th
Micro Shelter Assembly

It’s hard to know exactly how many people in Baltimore City experience homelessness.

In a report to the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), city officials asserted that on any given night in 2017, 2,669 people experienced homelessness in Baltimore City.


The Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Human Services acknowledges that the "point in time" methodology it uses to perform its count is “imperfect” and says it doesn’t “precisely reflect the actual number of homeless persons in the city.” The point in time methodology only counts sheltered residents of programs that participated in a city-issued survey. It counts only in certain areas of the city and during certain hours. It follows one of the narrowest definitions of homelessness set by HUD. And even under this definition, the number of people experiencing homelessness on a given night exceeds traditional shelter capacity.

Each year when the city performs its point in time count, it tallies more people than shelter beds.

Typical encampment living situation

Homelessness is an experience, not a characteristic. While the numbers behind the causes of homelessness don’t tell us exactly how many people experience homelessness in Baltimore City, they do explain why the economic landscape in Baltimore makes homelessness likely for so many.

The numbers behind the causes of homelessness help explain…




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Throughout the year we've hosted a number of volunteers!

Volunteer Build Event June 9, 2018
First Tool Bank Build

The Importance and Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is multi-faceted in its importance to our society.  It enriches our society, brings us together as a community, and helps keep businesses and other organizations afloat. Volunteers are integral to our society. However, there’s much more to being a volunteer than giving back. You can get so much out of volunteering.

Why More People Should Get Involved

Not only is volunteering important because it helps to better your community, it also helps to better you as an individual. Volunteering is a free way to feel good about yourself. The best part is that you get to share that positivity to those you’re volunteering with.

This feel good feeling is actually shown to decrease your risk of depression because it keeps you active and helps you make new, fulfilling connections. Additionally, it’s a good way to reduce stress that may come from work or your relationships.

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Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Founded in April 2018, Smalltimore Homes is a nonprofit organization focused on transitional housing solutions in Baltimore. More than 3,600 people sleep on the streets of Baltimore every night, creating micro-shelters and tiny homes can be the solution to ending homelessness.

MicroShelter Reveal
MicroShelter Reveal from July 2018 Block Party

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