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Women's History Month Brunch Pitch

15 March 2023 | 6 p.m.- 8 p.m.

Loyola Notre Dame Library

We've teamed up with DM Firm,LLC for another Brunch Pitch! Our first pitch contest was Tuesday, October 4th at Next Phase Cafe. For Women's History Month we're celebrating Black Women in Real Estate. Ideation phase and novice development ideas are encouraged to Pull-up And Pitch!

Be one of the lucky contestants to Pitch the audience & the panel while you showcase how you can impact housing in your own creative way! You'll pitch for a suite of business technical assistance including business coaching, media interview, financial advisement, and more!

Register on the Events page to Pull-Up And Pitch on the spot Wednesday or check out more info about the DM Firm,LLC on Eventbrite!

Loyola Notre Dame Library

200 Winston Ave. Baltimore, MD 21212

(410) 617-6801 Directions and Parking ( Note: The library is not accessible by car from campus, driving access is via York Road.

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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Martin Luther King Jr. was a champion of civil rights, and one of his major causes was advocating for fair housing. He believed that everyone deserved to have access to housing regardless of race, religion, or other factors. He worked to pass laws that enabled people of all backgrounds to have access to safe, affordable housing. He also organized protests, rallies, and marches to raise awareness of the issue, and to put pressure on politicians to pass laws that would provide equal rights to all. His work inspired countless others to fight for justice and equality, and his legacy lives on today.

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The intersection of tiny home communities, homelessness, MLK Jr. and fair housing is an important one. Tiny home communities have become increasingly popular as a form of housing for those who are experiencing homelessness or have limited access to affordable housing. Smalltimore Homes aims to elevate the barriers to homeownership through this intersectionality and through the lens of redlining. Read Dr. Lawrence Brown's "The Black Butterfly" for more context and concrete solutions. *See Smalltimore Homes mentioned on pages 200 and 206*.

In some cases, these communities are established with the help of local government and non-profits to provide an affordable and dignified housing option for those who are homeless or living in poverty. MLK Jr. was a passionate advocate for fair housing, and his work is a reminder of the importance of ensuring that everyone has access to affordable housing and the ability to live with dignity. His work is integral to the work of building tiny home communities and addressing the issue of homelessness.

Finally, fair housing laws are in place to ensure that everyone has equal access to housing and that discrimination does not take place in the housing market. All of these elements together create an important intersection of tiny home communities, homelessness, MLK Jr. and fair housing that must be addressed if we are to create a more equitable and just society.

RSVP for the 2023 MLK Fair Housing Symposium on our Events page.

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