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Monthly Outreach

Showing up consistently matters, that's why Smalltimore Homes partners with other grassroots organizations to make an impact! Smalltimore Homes and B. Her Solutions joins the Love in Action Ministries team to provide prayer, basic hygiene items, breakfast and more every first Saturday.

Community outreach in Baltimore during the winter months has a powerful and positive impact on the city. It helps to provide essential services to those in need, such as shelter, warm clothing, and hot meals. These services provide a sense of security and comfort to people who may otherwise be struggling to survive during the cold winter months. Additionally, community outreach organizations often provide educational opportunities to help people gain skills and resources to improve their lives. These programs help to empower individuals and improve the overall quality of life in the city. By providing both practical and emotional support, community outreach initiatives have a lasting impact on the people of Baltimore.

You can Sponsor our work or RSVP on our events page!

Together, let's end homelessness.


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