Each Micro Shelter fully stocked with a sleeping bag, insulation, storage shelves and accessories costs $1250 to furnish and build. Each micro shelter will sleep at least one person. Statistically 3,600 people sleep on the streets of Baltimore, outside of those who may be elgible and admitted into local shelters. In Baltimore, every month of 2018, at least one tent encampment has been dismantled, displacing complete communities.  Clearly, this doesn't solve an issue, is just displaces established communites and forces them out of their "safe spaces". This micro shelter is on wheels and makes being a displaced transient a bit easier. Partnerning with churches and other organizations will allow for micro shelter residents to obtain an address, get an ID and with time, transition back into what most of us know as "normal life". Please help to support this cause! Ultimately we are going to bring tiny home villages to Baltimore! 

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