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What is a Micro-Shelter?

Updated: Jan 9

We're celebrating one year of service, and we're wondering, are people catching on to the micro-shelter lingo? Although most people refer to them as tiny homes, LaQuida Chancey, the founder of Smalltimore Homes, believes that the term "micro-shelter" more accurately describes their structures. Smalltimore homes formed a relationship with the Baltimore Community Toolbank in 2018, and began meeting volunteers there monthly to assemble "Thing 1", "Thing 2" and "Thing 3".

These shelters transform 3 panels that convert from a bench seat with storage underneath (Fig 1) to a seated tabled setting on opposite sides (not shown) and a bed configuration (Fig 2).

Figure 1 has a permanently placed bench seat with storage underneath, using the bottom row of the configuration. It also displays the second transformation panel on the top row, creating a table for eating or a desk for writing. For additional seating, the third transformation panel can be used on the lower row, therefore, providing seating on either side of the table. Finally, Figure 2 shows all 3 transformation panels on the bottom row configured as a bed.

Check out our 20ft Tiny Home on Youtube:


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