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Urban Health Institue Video

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The 2021 Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program has concluded, but a group of cohort members created a supportive community of black women, amongst one another, which grew to be an inclusive safe space for all. Check out our ED's video using the blue button below!

The Johns Hopkins', Urban Health Institute - Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program offers an impact curriculum to cohort members. This is from their website::

"This curriculum was developed through a committee representing community leaders and academia, and a scan of leadership programs from around the country. The core content areas we decided as the foundation for the curriculum include orientation to leadership, relationship building, communications, policy and advocacy, deconstructing racism and systems building. Experiences that facilitate knowledge and skill building are shared through instruction, collaborative projects, networking with influential stakeholders and relationship building. Leaders are actively engaged in their own learning through self-study, discovery learning, case studies, community assessment and a variety of other strategies. As the leaders learn by doing, and we provide them with a combination of didactic instruction, experiential learning and collaboration with mentors and other fellows, and opportunities to expand their social networks. The key elements that are built into these experiences include: A) Engaging the community – Emphasizing collective power, acting together and advocating and developing or influencing policy to address a community need B) Identifying the issue – Be able to conduct needs assessments and issue identification that emphasizes learning from the community. C) Deconstructing the issue – identify the relevant pieces of the issue that can be changed or improved. It is important to know the communities strengths/weaknesses/opportunities for change. D) Developing outcomes for change - Be able to develop outcomes for change, develop systems of accountability and measurement, and follow through with a plan. Faculty and guest speakers are drawn from across Baltimore’s academic, community-based organizations, government, business and philanthropy sectors and each is selected because of their expertise in one or more facets of leadership. Indicated below, are descriptions of the core components of Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program curriculum."


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