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Dent Education

We're Super Excited to announce that this summer Smalltimore Homes be working with Dent Education as a Co-Coach at the Startup Garage - SNTL - Physical Fabrication Site! SNTL is The Station North Tool Library, which seeks to empower all people to improve their lives and environments, through affordable access to tools, skills, and workspace.

Dent Education promotes equity by empowering under-resourced youth to discover and develop their innate creative potential to shape the world around them. This amazing partnership with Dent and Station North Tool Library allows us to adapt the existing SNTL woodworking curriculum to Dent's individualized lesson plans. We'll be using design thinking, and discussing racism and politics, all while empowering our Denters to be changemakers and tap into their superpowers.

Design thinking is an approach to problem-solving that encourages creative, out-of-the-box thinking. It uses a process of understanding the problem, brainstorming and generating ideas, testing and prototyping solutions and refining them until a final solution is found. By following this process, design thinking can help to unlock creativity and generate innovative solutions to challenging problems. It encourages people to think outside the box, be creative and explore different perspectives and ideas. By focusing on the user and their needs, design thinking leads to solutions that are more meaningful and efficient. It also helps to identify potential problems and innovative solutions that may not have been considered otherwise. In short, design thinking is an effective way to boost creativity and generate meaningful solutions.

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