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Capital Impact Partners is BUILDING COMMUNITIES OF OPPORTUNITY by Delivering Capital and Commitment to Support People & Projects in Underinvested Communities. They are Driving Change by Investing in an Equitable Future through their Capital Impact Partners' Initiative in Washington, D.C. Smalltimore Homes, along with a team of cohort members, were invited to participate in their Metro Area Equitable Development Initiative 2020-2021 and presented an Affordable Housing Senior Community called the Ubuntu Wellness Village.

For too long, systemic racism and disinvestment have prevented communities of color from economic mobility and wealth creation. That’s why Capital Impact Partners is part of a financial movement to eliminate racial disparities and uplift community-led solutions so everyone can flourish. As developers look to grow, build wealth, and invest in their community, Capital Impact Partners and Momentus Capital partner on the road to actualizing your dreams.

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